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First Time Callers

Information and Referral

First time callers to ESN will receive immediate support and education through individualized attention for best possible seizure and symptom control. Callers will be connected to our most appropriate support group(s) and educational programs. Callers will also be referred to community organizations that provide additional resources. Seizure control is the goal!

Telephone (714) 916-0456

Epilepsy 101

This is a must attend presentation for the newly diagnosed and those who are still struggling with seizure control. In one hour you will learn the important facts about epilepsy which will guide you forward in your search for seizure freedom. Diagnosis, treatment options, emergency medications and your questions will be discussed in this class. Be informed and avoid unnecessary mistakes often encountered by those less knowledgeable about epilepsy. This class will help you make the best decisions for your your child’s brain.

Spanish Alexandra Morales Available
Second Friday of every month, 6:00-7:00 pm
*Childcare available with RSVP

Teens Network

Teen Club

This is a Social Skills group for moderately to mildly affected teens with epilepsy 13-18 years who would benefit from Social Skills instruction. This group meets monthly to discuss social barriers and successes in a safe and supportive environment. The Teen Club is facilitated by a clinical psychologist experienced with social challenges facing teens with epilepsy. This group focuses on Self Awareness and Esteem, Building and Sustaining Friendships, Social Planning and Social Responsibility. Please call for more information.

Second Friday of every month, 6:00-8:30 pm

Parents Network

Emotional Support Group for Parents

An encouraging and uplifting support group facilitated by a licensed, clinical psychologist who specializes in epilepsy. Parents meet monthly to discuss all areas of life affected by epilepsy. Join other parents in a safe and understanding environment to gain useful skills empowering you to manage epilepsy. Hands down, our most anticipated meeting!

Second Friday of every month, 6:00-7:00 pm
*Childcare available with RSVP

Educational Support Group for Parents

Educational support group for parents featuring guest speakers specializing in epilepsy and other fields that affect your child. Connect with experienced parents who share their knowledge to improve your child’s condition. Join us and learn how to manage the care and treatment of your child’s epilepsy with the goal of seizure control.

Spanish Alexandra Morales Available
Second Friday of every month, 7:00-8:30 pm
*Childcare available with RSVP

On-Line Support Group for Parents

Our on-line support group allows you to reach out to parents who collectively have over 200 years of diverse experience in the area of pediatric epilepsy. Chances are, the answers you are searching for are here in this group. Save much time and worry, just post the question and see how much information is provided. This group is committed to helping parents in their time of need; 7-days a week, evenings, etc. An invaluable source of support and expertise!
Pre-requisite: In order to protect our on-line families all registrants are required to attend one of our Epilepsy Support Network meetings or events.

Back to School Presentation
Seizure Recognition & First Aid

Let us help your child’s school become a Seizure Safe Zone! Invite your child's school representative to schedule our no cost, one hour Seizure Recognition & First Aid Presentation. ESNOC is dedicated to keeping all children with epilepsy safe and we are looking forward to collaborating with your school staff.

Please, download and present this letter to the principal or nurse.

Mom’s Night Out
(also known as Dad’s Night In)

Do you need a break from the everyday joys of being a Mom? Are you in need of Laughter Therapy? A recess break? Join other moms who understand life of parenting a child with epilepsy for an evening of dinner, coffee and a little “girl” time. Rejuvenation is a key component of good parenting and we are here to help!

These meetings typically take place on a Sunday, 4:00pm at various locations.

Adults Network

Adult Educational Support Group

An educational and social support group for adults diagnosed with epilepsy. This group meets monthly to learn about the most up to date information, treatments and research in the field of epilepsy. Expert guest speakers are scheduled regularly who focus on specialized information relevant to our group members needs and interests.

Spanish Alexandra Morales Available
Second Friday of every month, 7:00-8:30 pm
*Childcare available with RSVP

Friday Friends Club | Special Needs Childcare

logoOur FRIDAY'S FRIENDS CLUB is specialized childcare, at no cost to parents attending Epilepsy Support Group meetings. Our experienced childcare staff has experience working with special needs children, are certified in CPR and Basic First Aid, as well as advanced training in Seizure Recognition and First Aid.

Children are guided through various activities in a safe, accepting, playful and purposeful environment. Our goal is to facilitate an engaging and socially rich experience.

Parents must remain on site at all times and are reminded to bring their child’s Diastat or emergency rescue medication if prescribed. Please note, we are unable to provide childcare on a one-on-one basis should your child require this level of care. Should your child care require special instructions, please contact our Childcare Coordinator, Chantel Rothenburgerr.

*Childcare available with RSVP or telephone (714) 916-0456, please provide your child's name(s) and age(s).

Community Presentations

Seizure Recognition and First Aid

Seizure Recognition & First AId flyerThis one hour presentation is designed for adults and those supervising children on how to recognize a seizure and when to administer first aid. We recommend this no-cost presentation for all individuals in the following settings: schools, child care facilities, after school programs, churches, youth sports coaches, employers, etc… Companies who employ people with epilepsy or work with individuals diagnosed with epilepsy should also schedule a presentation.

Learning about seizures types, triggers and first aid can help keep your children and employees safe and seizure free.

Download this letter for your school's principal or nurse.

Book a presentation or call (714) 916-0456.

Building a Healthy Brain

Building a Healthy Brain flyerDesigned for parents of children ages 0-5, this presentation focuses on creating the ideal environment to “build a healthy brain." Nurturing your child’s developing brain might be the most important investment you make in your child’s future. In the first three years of life, the brain experiences the most rapid growth. Learn basic nutrition for healthy brain development and how to protect your child’s brain from the most frequently occurring injuries. You will also learn about seizures and first aid as seizures occur most frequently in children 0-2 years of age.

A no-cost presentation for your Mom’s Club, MOPS Group, Play Group or any parent group or organization involved with children 0-5 years.

Book a presentation or call (714) 916-0456.

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download pdf Building a Healthy Brain

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Meeting Locations

2014 Support Group Location

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Parking $2.00 w/validation

You may Enter through main entrance of CHOC or directly to parking structure at Main Street & W. Providence Avenue. Look for ESN Signs.

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