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Schools K-12
Seizure Recognition & First Aid

Did you know there are
over 30 different types
of seizures?

Would your school's staff and teachers recognize a seizure and know how to respond?

Seizure Recognition and First Aid

Dear Parents,
We want your child's school staff to understand the seizures, side-effects and stigma that accompany epilepsy. Request a Seizure Recoginition & First Aid presentation.

Download school forms and take them to your school leaders. Principal or School Nurse

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Dear School Nurse,

Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County, a 501(c)3 non-profit, would like to train your teachers and staff on how to safely respond to a student having a seizure. We teach seizure recognition, first-aid and avoidance of seizure triggers. Our 60-minute presentation is offered at no cost, at your location and convenience.

Seizure Recognition & First Aid teaches how to recognize the most common seizure types, administer basic first aid and to identify when a seizure is, or becomes, a medical emergency.

Upon the completion of our training, your staff will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of epilepsy and seizures
  • Identify the most common pediatric seizure types
  • Keep students safe during seizures
  • Know when medical intervention is needed
  • Respond confidently in the classroom

Our representative will also provide epilepsy specific information, resources, and strategies to school nurses on how to promote improvements in the condition of epilepsy for their students with the goal of reducing seizures at school.

We also can support training on Diastat administration by
an unlicensed person for your district in order to comply with AB 161. This is not included in the Seizure Recognition and First Aid presentation unless specifically requested.

For districts that provide Parent Education, we offer Building a Healthy Brain, for parents of children ages 0-5. This presentation stresses the importance of nutrition and injury prevention as children ages 0-2 have the highest incidence of epilepsy.

If your teachers, aides or staff members would like to gain confidence in their abilities to recognize or respond to student seizures, please let us help by scheduling a presentation, call (714) 916-0456 or email We look forward to working with you in keeping students with epilepsy safe while at school.

Sincerely, Janna L. Moore, MPA

If you know of a family in need of epilepsy information and support services, we are here to guide them through the emotional and educational aspects of an epilepsy diagnosis.

  • Intake and Referral services
  • Epilepsy 101 (billingual)
  • Adult Educational Support Group
  • Parent Support Programs
  • Emotional Support Group for Parents
  • Educational Support Group for Parents (billingual)
  • On-line Support Group for Parents
  • Mom’s Night Out Program (respite)
  • Friday Friends Club (Ages 2-12 years)
  • Teen Support Group (Ages 13-19 years)
  • Community Outreach Presentations
  • Seizure Recognition and First Aid
  • Building A Healthy Brain